Here’s a showcase of some of my earlier metalwork! Hope you enjoy.

Three-Leaf Arrangement

This is probably my favorite design. I really enjoyed making this one. It’s well balanced for use as a brooch, or a cape clasp, and the curves all work together.

Black Twist Necklace

A great way to turn a piece of scrap and the dregs of a spray-paint can into something pretty!

Heart of Steel Necklace

This was a great project. Fun techniques and an experiment in thre dimensions.

Chrome Evenstar Design from Lord of the Rings

Of course any LOTR fan would have to try his hand at something like this:)

More Leaves

Sort of the same idea as my first display. Filed smoothwire and some aluminum scrap. It’s not as well balanced.

Feather Necklace

This was a painstaking process. LOTS of sanding and filing and engraving on this little beast.

The Way-Too-Big Pin

This one’s a little large to wear comfortably, but it afforded some extra space to work and experiment with creating curved indents with a triangular file.

Hair Leaf Thing

This one had to be really smooth because it’s … ya know … in the hair. So the engraving marks on the leaves are really shallow. I didn’t really enjoy making this one because it was so stressful. Every single line had to be perfectly smooth.

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