Reflections of Writing

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and a good writer . . .”

Not Benjamin Franklin


Retribution II

__________________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce __________________________________________ Guy Harmon wasted little time at the doctor’s office. He instructed Garret Thatcher to “rip and tear and get it over with,” resulting in blood getting basically everywhere it could go on the plastic sheet. The grey shirt he’d worn underneath his trench coat was shredded beyond recognition and […]


___________________________________ *And the fourth wall suddenly disintegrates, blown apart by a lethal intellectual grenade* (Oh wait . . . does that mean my thoughts are as scattered as shrapnel? Probably, lol.) Anyways, hi guys! Thanks for reading the random and somewhat intense stuff I’ve been posting. I appreciate the comments and feedback: it’s great to […]

Chaos V

__________________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce __________________________________________ “You boys gotta see a doctor or something,” Henry Foster told them. “Y’all look terrible.” They were all in the living room, Jack Raummi lying on the couch, asleep, and Ivan sitting on a stool with a warm cup of coffee in his hands. Henry had invited them in […]

Chaos IV

__________________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce __________________________________________ Henry Foster was in no way related to the goings on concerning Ivan Molchalin and Jack Raummi. He was just another guy, somewhere in the world, minding his own business. He was the CEO of a small, local bank in Missouri. And until the plane crash, he’d been having […]

Chaos III

__________________________Written by Carter Pierce __________________________ Ivan whirled about. Sure enough, someone was standing behind him. The man was large: tall and thickly built, with scars covering his face. There was an unpleasant glint in his black eyes; something murderous. Something gleeful. He was wearing a black trench-coat that reached his feet. The collar was flipped […]

Chaos II

___________________________ Written by Carter Pierce ___________________________ It only took a few minutes for Ivan to realize that staying where they were wasn’t very productive. Jack was hurt, and they had no food. No way to stay alive for any extended period of time in the middle of a forest. They’d have to move, sooner or […]


___________________________ Written by Carter Pierce ___________________________ Ivan Molchalin’s thoughts whirled as he slowly regained consciousness. It was dark outside. He was freezing. His brother’s murderer had gotten away. He tried to move his legs. They wouldn’t respond. They were stuck. Mud? And then it all came back. He’d jumped out of the airplane after Jack […]

Diabolical V

_________________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce _________________________________________ When Dmitri Molchalin opened his eyes, he was staring up into a familiar face, but it wasn’t Jack Raummi’s. It was his brother’s. “Ivan?” he whispered. His tongue felt dry, and the name came out sounding harsh and raspy. Ivan knelt beside him, a concerned look on his face. […]

Diabolical IV

___________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce ___________________________________ Dmitri Molchalin was growing frightened. He’d been more than a little ticked off before, perhaps indignant. This thug was interrupting his night, and he was in a hurry. But when the gunshot failed to scare off the attacker, he grew unsettled. “What do you want from me? I don’t […]

Diabolical III

_____________________________ Written by Carter Pierce _____________________________ Dmitri Molchalin had been flown to America when he was four years old, and immediately began his education. It was all thanks to his eccentric Uncle Barnabas, whom everyone called ‘Bonkers Barny.’ Barny was very old, had no family, and was quite rich. He was also quite lonely. He’d […]

Diabolical II

_____________________________ Written by Carter Pierce _____________________________ Guy Harmon arrived in Pinedale a little after 10 pm. The air was still warm from the long, hot day, but it wasn’t quite stifling, even in his black trench coat. He stood on the sidewalk under a streetlamp, appearing inconspicuous, acting just like the other people he saw. […]


______________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce ______________________________________ He was a killer. Little else described him. His instincts were sharp, his motives were evil; his very features were murderous. He was a gambler, a liar, and a thief, and he had a wolfish appetite for good company. Guy Harmon stood six feet and five inches tall. He […]

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