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Infiltration II

__________________________________________________ COLLABORATED BY MALACHI GIBSON, LUKE CROUCH, AND CARTER PIERCE __________________________________________________ “Please fasten your seatbelts,” a woman’s polite voice said over the intercom. It sounded a little scratchy, as if the overhead speaker wasn’t working quite right. Which, if his inside man had done his work, would be exactly the case. Ivan Molchalin polished his […]

Color Vs Emotions

Sources: Cherry, K. (2020, May 28). Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel? Verywell well. Vetter, C. (2019, December 5). The effects of colors on behavior. Neurofied. Cherry, Kendra. “Can Color Affect Your Mood and Behavior?” Verywell Mind, Verywell Mind, 28 May 2020,

Learning a New Instrument!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato Is music something in life that you can’t go without? For me it definitely is! Just relaxing, listening to some contemporary music, and thinking about my day is a way that I wish that […]

The Benefits of Journaling

There are many things in this world that can take a turn for the worse. Relationships, medication, your job, friendships, the weather, and so much more. Oddly enough, when these things happen, we tend to focus on the bad and ugly things rather than the good. So, can journaling take away these issues? Not necessarily, […]


__________________________________________________ COLLABORATED BY MALACHI GIBSON, LUKE CROUCH, AND CARTER PIERCE __________________________________________________ He appeared totally harmless. Slightly pudgy, wearing round, thick-lensed glasses — a shock of white hair and a short white beard. He was carrying one of those portable oxygen tanks that old people use, the long white plastic tube going under his nose and […]

8 Sites for Writers

NaNoWriMo This is probably one that a lot of people know about and/or have participated in. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. You can’t necessarily publish your works through NaNoWriMo. It’s built for keeping track of your progress with multiple helpful statistics, including day-by-day word count, lifetime word count, total projects, etc. It’s […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again! Stores are already stocking for Easter, beer is flying off the shelves, some folks are Christmas shopping, and most everybody has turned the heat up indoors. In our fast-paced American culture, I think a lot of people miss the deeper things. A few of us are lucky and have […]

Why Work When You Could Play a Videogame?

_________________________________________________________ Yeah, we’ve all been there, I think. In modern America the pull of the screen has become increasingly strong, the graphics are way better than they were in 1822, and the plots! jeez, the plots are insanely complicated and amazing. (Mostly). But after all this, could there be drawbacks to playing videogames? In my […]

The Duel

___________________________________________________________ This short story was contributed by guest writer Dauntless Jacobson __________________________________________________________ “. . . And then I knocked his sword aside and bopped him on the head with my foil,” Luke laughed as he recounted the duel with exaggerated hand and feet movements. “I can’t believe he thought he could beat me.” The other […]

Only Ghosts

____________________________________________________ This short story was contributed by guest writer Sarah McCance ____________________________________________________ Night’s icy claws wrap around the back of my neck as sharp whispers of foreboding echo in the mountain breeze. I watch the souls rise from the village. Crisp, pale ghosts dancing above the rooftops. They look down upon the family and friends […]

Sir Valrrin

_____________________ This short story was contributed by guest writer Nathaniel Farris. _____________________ “Sir Valrrin Inkarno, you are here to stand trial and hear the judgment of your King for the murder of the High Chamberlain,” announced the herald. Valrrin dropped to one knee before King Markus. Before the King had a chance to speak, Valrrin […]

A Song to Change the World

____________________________________________________ These poems were contributed by guest writer Cassia Dawn. ____________________________________________________ A Song to change the World I tried to write a song, about what’s wrong with everyone; sonnet of a hypocrite Here’s the guideline for the divine, I opine, so you can know the line I created an anthem for all the […]

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