Current: Paul the Teacher’s Pet

Paul is a little brown hamster who likes chemistry. He often gets himself into unexpected scrapes during his midnight escapades through the dark school.

Happy reading from Paul!

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Grand Finale

It’s that time, folks! I think most kids outgrow things. I’ve outgrown socks before (mostly when they get too dirty to keep wearing) and I outgrew a Star Wars phase … and lots of other phases … and lots of other things I can’t think of right now because I outgrew them too long ago.…

“Master” Bladesmith 3 (Time for Sparks!)

Alright! Here we go. I promised sparks, and I think just about everybody will like those little golden flying nuisances because they’re not the ones dealing with metal in their hair and teeth and noses. (Don’t call me an idiot. I already know. I’m going to buy a respirator as soon as I can XD.)…

“Master” Bladesmith 2 (Mockup)

I probably should have guessed. I mean … they’re a bunch of hardcore rough-and-tumble guys who like working with metal. So, when I was at work a few days ago and said I was planning on making a sword … I got a great response. “Why just make a prop? My brother has a forge.”…

“Master” Bladesmith (Prop builder …)

Well…Yeah! Hi, it’s me. I’m not telling a fictional story this time, but even though it’s true, I think the story is pretty interesting. I’m going to be making a sword for the cover of my book. That is to say, I’m not making a real sword, but it’s going to look darn real, and…


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