About Us

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We consider ourselves unique. There are many creatives in the world, but not many teenagers take the time to develop their ideas into something more tangible than that first stage of a drafted story or a mixed but unpublished soundtrack. The lesson we’ve learned is that nothing worth having comes easy, and there’s always a way to get past the obstacles when you’re paying attention and dedication to the work. Our goal is to inspire our family, friends, and everyone else to do something great with their lives and to put in the time and the grunt work to make something amazing.


Meet The Creators!

Carter has been writing since he was four years old, and playing any instrument he can get his hands on. He loves all music (besides what he terms “angry” rap) and loves learning new riffs, patterns, techniques, and theories. He also is a fan of handcrafts that include strange materials, and will often go out in the garage to see what he can turn his ever-growing metal scrap pile into.


Lily would like to think that she comes from a long line of musicians and artists! In her free time, she wastes most of her day away surfing the internet, doing online school, typing out novels, and doing funny photoshopping. Some of her hobbies include photography, singing, playing the ukulele and piano, and also drawing people. She wouldn’t consider herself very ‘crafty’ since she doesn’t really know how to sew, wouldn’t consider herself very good at making things with her hands, but she would definitely consider herself a true musician and artist!

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