The Grand Finale that happens after you think the Grand Finale is over

Anyone seen that Iron Man movie where he dismisses the party and then says that everyone can stay for an afterparty?

That’s how I’m feeling right now.

He was drunk at the time, for the record.

I’m not drunk.

Just so we’re clear.

I looked into deleting this site, and it says I have to wait until September for all my stuff to expire. So yeah. I’m gonna hang around for a bit.

But I probably won’t be posting very regularly. You might get a look at the sword on the site before I leave. Maybe even the book, but we’ll see.

Unfortunately anyone who is currently wondering what I’m talking about won’t get an explanation, because in preparation for deleting the site I took down all the other posts …

Anyways, check out the metal work page if you want, because it’s the only one left. There’s a link to it from the home page, right at the top.

You’ll probably feel like some catastrophic nuclear event happened to the website while you were away…and that’s because I did stuff.

Hi! My name is Catastrophic Nuclear Event! Who are you?

I break stuff and delete stuff. What are some of your hobbies?

(Now I’m writing like I’m drunk or something so I’d better stop. Something got into me. A destructive frenzy, perhaps. I’ll have to post this before I delete any more of it.)

Oh, by the way,

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