Chaos V


Written by Carter Pierce


“You boys gotta see a doctor or something,” Henry Foster told them. “Y’all look terrible.”

They were all in the living room, Jack Raummi lying on the couch, asleep, and Ivan sitting on a stool with a warm cup of coffee in his hands. Henry had invited them in and told them to make themselves at home. Ivan had not been about to decline the invitation. “Where is the nearest doctor?”

Henry pursed his lips, counting on his fingers. “Well . . . there’s a good one who lives 45 minutes away from here. We have a few local guys, but they don’t mend bones.”

Ivan responded without hesitation. “Then we’ll need a car. The bike is out of gas, and it’s not even ours.”

“Who’s is it?”

“No idea. The guy who had it before us stole it.”

“That could present some problems,” Henry frowned, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “I’m liking this situation less and less.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll find the owner eventually. But that doesn’t solve the problem of transport. You guys don’t have a city bus or anything around these parts, do you?”

Henry shook his head. “I’m afraid not. I’ll just take you in my car. It’s the fastest way.”

Ivan raised his eyebrows, vaguely surprised. “Well, uh, thank you. But you don’t even know us. Why would you do this?”

Henry smirked. “Southern hospitality, buddy. In little towns like Rocky Comfort, people always have each other’s backs. It always comes around. But we’ll have to go soon: the longer your friend waits for medical attention, the worse his condition will become. We need to get those bones set, pronto.”

Ivan looked out the window skeptically. “It’s already dark. I’m sure Mr. Raummi wouldn’t want to inconvenience you like this.”

“Raummi?” Henry asked. A strange look entered his eyes.

“Yes. His name’s Jack Raummi. I’m Ivan Molchalin.”

Henry stood, taking a coat from a hook and putting it on. “We’d best be off right away. I’ll go start the car; y’all follow at your own pace. Wake him up.”


Guy Harmon coughed as cold air entered his lungs. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d drawn breath.

His chest was in severe pain.

He stood slowly, supporting himself against a tree. His shirt was stuck to his skin. He reached up, feeling the shrapnel protruding, and winced. At least the bleeding had stopped.

He’d have to get some medical attention. He knew there was no way he could mend himself. Ivan’s bomb had really messed him up.

Ivan was going to pay dearly. Both for the gambling debt and the wounds.

Guy Harmon smiled a nasty, crooked smile, as he imagined the torment he would inflict on the man he was beginning to consider his mortal enemy.

End of the CHAOS mini-series.

Keep an eye out for the next mini-series with Molchalin and Raummi: RETRIBUTION.


Copyright by Carter Pierce 2022 All Rights Reserved


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