Written by Carter Pierce


He was a killer.

Little else described him. His instincts were sharp, his motives were evil; his very features were murderous. He was a gambler, a liar, and a thief, and he had a wolfish appetite for good company.

Guy Harmon stood six feet and five inches tall. He had a wicked glint in his dark eyes, and a stocky, powerful build. His face was scarred and scored from a myriad street fights, all of which had been to the death. The scars were nothing to him. They healed.

The other guys’ didn’t.

For years, he’d been devoting all his time to finding one person. If he’d had any money, he would have devoted all of that, too, but he had none. And that was because of the person he was hunting down. He’d made a blunder at the poker table years ago: he’d mis-counted the cards; he’d lost his life savings and all his inheritance and most of his clothes. All told, he’d been stripped of over three million dollars. He’d gone from the height of society to its lowest parts in a matter of an hour.

And he was going to get his money back, whatever it took.

He didn’t have a job: if he needed cash for travel, he stole it. If he needed food, he took it without looking back. He knew all the right places to look. He knew an innocent person when he saw one. They were the best targets. He loved hurting people. Especially on the head. From behind. So they wouldn’t remember.

And he was going to hit Molchalin on the head very hard. Probably with something metal.

He’d spent years following the name: phonebooks didn’t help him: Molchalin didn’t have a phone. But he had inside information from the police department, thanks to a clean little blackmail arrangement, and things like flight tickets and credit cards and DMV files popped up periodically. Some of them had the name Ivan on them. Others had the name Dmitri.

He’d have to take them both. No sense killing the brother or the father or the uncle . . . and leaving the real culprit alive.

And the information he had was pointing him to a low-budget sales conference in the little town of Pinedale, Wyoming.


Copyright by Carter Pierce 2022 All Rights Reserved


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