Great Questions To Ask Your Penpal

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The term “snail mail” might not be in this generation’s phrase-dictionary, but it’s still something that people enjoy today. We enjoy being able to spend time writing, buying fresh new stamps, and seeing our letters off in the mail!

Because I write so much, I tend to run out of ideas to say in my letters. If you’re like me, hopefully these writing prompts can help you! Here are a few links to some great websites that will hopefully get you started on a letter in no time. All it takes is a couple sheets of paper, a pen, and a heart to write. ~ Happy Pen-palling!

75 Penpal Ideas:

75 More Questions To Ask Your Penpal:

100 Questions To Ask Your Penpal:

60 Questions To Ask Your Penpal:

This is just a start to your pen-palling world! You can find so much love and joy inside a letter. It’s absolutely amazing! Personally, I have become a lot closer with my friends through writing. Well, that’s all for now! And please don’t forget to put up the flag on the mailbox. 😉

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