Contribute your own ideas!

If you’ve got

  1. Fiction short stories
  2. Poems
  3. Musings
  4. Plot threads/writing prompts
  5. Digital art/photography

We’d like to see it! There’s no monthly contest or anything. If your content is clean, (ie. no swearing, inappropriate images, etc.) put it in a comment below!

If your file size is too big or the comment bar can’t display your pictures, shoot an email to and we’ll get it figured out.


As time permits, I hope to publish some of y’all’s work on the blog and send it to all email subscribers. This is a great chance for you to expand your own website and get your name out there!


Your excerpt can be longer than this if you’d like. Please include the title and date in the comment. You are free to use any pseudonym or alias you feel like.

The Fly:

A short story was written by Lily Troutman

Website: The Creators Spoon

8 responses to “Contribute your own ideas!”

  1. Great, great, and great!!!!!


  2. I love this idea! I think more pictures would be great!
    I also really enjoy looking at all of the pictures that are already on here. They have a handmade vibe to it. Are the pictures created yourself or were they selected from the web?

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    1. Thanks Sasha for writing to us!
      Yes! All of our pictures are created by the staff at!


  3. How do I contribute to the blog? I have some poems that I would consider publishing.


    1. Hi Moyra! Good to hear from you. We’re currently accepting works around 500 words in length to publish on our blog. Our subscribers will be able to read your work online.


    2. To submit a draft, please email
      You may include plain text in email form, or as a text document. We’ll format and do a general grammar edit, and you’ll see your work on our blog when we get it up 🙂 Thanks for contacting us!


    3. Thanks Moyra! Sorry for the late response. You are always welcome to email us with your request, and your works. We would love to put them up for you! Our email is: Just a warning, some topic might not be put up if we here at Reflectionsofrenaissance don’t think they are appropriate for our website. We hope to hear from you soon!


  4. Why not give it a try let’s see

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