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Reflections of Renaissance is meant to inspire to action those people who have pent-up creativity within them that they just don’t know how to let out yet. We’re here to help you find your passion if you haven’t found it yet; and if you have, to get you on the road to success. People say you can’t make a living being creative? Time to prove them wrong!

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___________________________________ *And the fourth wall suddenly disintegrates, blown apart by a lethal intellectual grenade* (Oh wait . . . does that mean my thoughts are as scattered as shrapnel? Probably, lol.) Anyways, hi guys! Thanks for reading the random and somewhat intense stuff I’ve been posting. I appreciate the comments and feedback: it’s great to […]

Chaos V

__________________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce __________________________________________ “You boys gotta see a doctor or something,” Henry Foster told them. “Y’all look terrible.” They were all in the living room, Jack Raummi lying on the couch, asleep, and Ivan sitting on a stool with a warm cup of coffee in his hands. Henry had invited them in […]

Chaos IV

__________________________________________ Written by Carter Pierce __________________________________________ Henry Foster was in no way related to the goings on concerning Ivan Molchalin and Jack Raummi. He was just another guy, somewhere in the world, minding his own business. He was the CEO of a small, local bank in Missouri. And until the plane crash, he’d been having […]

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