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Reflections of Renaissance is meant to inspire to action those people who have pent-up creativity within them that they just don’t know how to let out yet. We’re here to help you find your passion if you haven’t found it yet; and if you have, to get you on the road to success. People say you can’t make a living being creative? Time to prove them wrong!

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The Life Hack for Everything

–Carter Pierce I can already see some skeptical looks coming my way at ninety miles an hour. I have my tennis racket ready . . . This is something that I’ve been implementing in my own life recently, and it has worked beautifully. So I wanted to share it with you! First off, what is…


__ By Carter Pierce __ One never really knows when an adventure will jump out of nowhere and hand you a cup of coffee. It was a warm morning in early May when it happened to Marjory: she’d bid her father good-bye at the Denver airport, and he’d driven away. She’d made it through security,…


__ By Carter Pierce __ It was on a foggy morning in early May that I was first introduced to the plight of Winston Edelbrock Marchbury. The city was quiet. I could see the dim figures of other people on the street as I hurried along, but the fog muffled any noise they made. They…

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