The Heart of the Matter

The heart is currently dead. Or dying. I don’t think it can make up its mind. Anyway. It was recently hit by a catastrophic nuclear event (me) that was trying to clean up and instead made a mess of things. What you see is what you get, at this point: this paragraph, the following post(s) and the link to jewelry at the top of this page.

The website will expire in September, for those of you who are interested.

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The Executioner’s Final Breath

“You’re a brave man, Mr. Wiggins,” General Garth said, his arms crossed and his great big white mustache frowning. “And I respect you for that. If I did not, I’d not have arranged for you to have the dignity of choosing the way you die.” “Thank you, General,” Wiggins replied with a narrow-lipped smile. He…

The Sword Happened

I think y’all have been waiting too long for this post. I apologize. On the other hand, maybe you forgot all about it and are wondering what a Reflections of Renaissance email is doing in your inbox. Or maybe you’re new here, wondering why a Sword Happened, and are eyeballing that whacky black construct I’m…

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